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Grow businesses in your community with e-seed!

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Over 300 new businesses!

Imagine your local economy with a crop of successful entrepreneurs

Everything your college or organization needs to grow and launch an entrepreneur training series.

Hundreds of businesses are open today thanks to e-seed—a proven business start-up program based on a practical, real-life curriculum.

Explore our site to learn more about how e-seed can become a dynamic entrepreneur catalyst localized to your community’s specific needs.

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Register for our E-seed Co-Creation event where you learn about e-seed, get access to our tools and co-create additional content to be used by entrepreneurs and business owners around the country. This opportunity is completely free.

Our E-seed Co-Creation event combines our e-seed curriculum with collaborative updates from our partner colleges:

Cost: $0 Instead, you’ll earn your seat and co-create with us. You will participate in hands-on sessions that customize curriculum to meet the needs of your specific market and business start-ups.

Madison College is eager to grow its economic development efforts through the use of the e-seed program. We like the program's circular approach of building communities through new startups, while also growing existing businesses by connecting people who can help each other.