Starting a Business?The Entrepreneur's Partner

Thinking of taking that big step and starting your own business, but some of the risks might be too great? The Venture Center offers the highly successful e-seed series that shows entrepreneurs how to take their dream into reality. More than 300 graduates are in business today thanks to this innovative and results-oriented training.

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Improving Your BusinessSharpen Your Tools with the Venture Center

If you're already working in a small business, maybe some of your tools aren't as sharp as they once were. The Venture Center's seminars and workshops link you to the experts who can help you develop and grow your existing business to the next level.

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Corporate InnovationWhere did all the good ideas go?

Sound like a discussion item on your department agenda? If so, join some of the nation's top brand-names who have already partnered with the Venture Center to integrate the passion, risk-taking and creative thinking characteristic of entrepreneurs into their companies. We call it "Intrapreneurship," but you might call it your strategic success.

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E-seed at Your CollegeIt all begins with a seed

E-seed™ is an experience where people expand their entrepreneurial capacity; while honing their business management skills, creating a business plan and building their network. E-seed is at the core of the entrepreneurial eco-system in the communities we serve. We want it to be so in the communities you serve, too.

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Welcome to the Future!

Starting your own business is not just about having a dream and courage. There are real steps to ensure your business a successful start and a sustainable future. The Venture Center at Fox Valley Technical College is equipped with the experts, networks and resources to help you with your small business – whether you’re just starting up or whether you've been in business for years.

Fox Valley Technical College’s Venture Center is an integrated entrepreneurship center providing programming and services in three areas: entrepreneurial studies, business development and innovation. Our across-the-community approach to entrepreneurship education and training has produced unique, effective product offerings for middle and high school youth, associate degree and certificate seeking-students, nascent and existing entrepreneurs and small business owners, inventors, associations and corporations.

Ultimately, education and training is our core strength and at the Venture Center it’s the experience designed to equip students, entrepreneurs and small business owners with the knowledge and tools they need to help them be successful, that sets us apart. We are committed to generating sustainable, strong enterprises and we develop long-term relationships with our students and clients and become a trusted resource for them throughout their business’ life cycle. We educate, empower and provide solutions that drive results.

The Fox Valley Technical College Venture Center pulls together a long list of disciplines in order to provide the necessary legal, business, scientific, capital markets, regulatory and leadership skills needed to follow the path of idea to launching and operating a sustainable business.  

The Venture Center is housed in the D.J. Bordini Center at Fox Valley Technical College. The college is home to nationally recognized training programs in many fields in business and industry. To find out more about our business and industry programs and the complete Venture Center programs, please call 920-735-5709 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Thinking of starting your own business? It all starts here.

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Browse the myriad of success stories throughout the region.

Existing Businesses

Sharpen your tools and grow your existing business.

Corporate innovation

Join the nations top brands with 'Intrapreneurship'.

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